Unity Church of Christianity Valley Stream
SCS, literally, expanded the presence and the impact of Unity Church of Christianity in Valley Stream by bringing it fully into the technological age. Our audio and recording system now enables us to extend our devotional services and our social activities beyond the immediate area. The networking capability that SCS has installed keeps us in contact with each other, with members of our congregation and with those seeking a place of friendship and worship. Our entire facility has been made safe and secure by the keen ability of SCS to determine and resolve the unique needs of a ministry. SCS has set our church and its properties on a financial footing that provides for stability and projected growth. We are profoundly grateful for the business expertise of SCS, and we are extremely thankful for the personal concern of SCS for our ministry and those immediately involved in its well-being .

SCS has helped PerryTech make wonderful advancements in how it helps its customers. By combining the knowledge of PerryTech employees with the custom solution power of SCS, PerryTech has dramatically improved how quickly and efficiently we can solve customer problems. In thus if we ever need to once again improve our business practices and technology infrastructure, we will not hesitate to enlist the services of SCS. Thanks for all the help SCS!!!

Cisero Services
Hiring SCS has increased the productivity and efficiency of Cisero Services by improving how the company records customer information and requests. SCS analyzed the company’s needs and built a customized information management network, which allows the company to access information anywhere and at any time. SCS is a top-notch technology and business services consultant.

Envisionary Consulting, LLC
Envisionary Consulting, LLC (EC) has had the pleasure of being an outside contractor for Senior Communication Services, LLC. SCS always ensures that the deliverables, timeline and expectations are outlined in advance. SCS’ expert ability to communicate the needs of its clients to service providers that have no connection its clients made it very easy to fulfill the website content drafting and contract review needs of SCS clients.